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How much is the shipping charge. There is a flat rate of $12 for shipping in the US for your entire order.

How long will my order take to ship. We usually process orders with 24 hours. We do NOT stock products in general... we order them once they are purchased through the website. Most products take us 1-3 days to get... depending on the time of week that you place your order. The best time of week to order is just before Monday morning 7AM Pacific Time. Sometimes it will take 3-4 days before we even order your products. Please remember that weekends or holidays can delay your orders also. Some orders will ship the same day... most orders ship in 1-3 days... and a few orders may take longer.

Is there free shipping on any size order. No. We do not play games with shipping rates... we simply offer the lowest prices possible everyday... on every product we sell. We will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars... depending on how much you order.

Are there discounts on products if I order several of them. No. We do not play games with our pricing. We simply offer the lowest prices possible... every day... on every item.

Are these products the real products from the manufacturer's listed. YES. We purchase the same products that you would get at the health store or from your health practitioner. We simply resell them at much lower prices. Some health practitioner's will try to scare you about product sold on the internet. They simply do not want the competition. We purchase the same products from the same companies and distributors as they do. Our product is likely fresher... because we do not stock inventory as many health practitioners will.

What if I don't see a product I want to purchase. If that product is from one of our listed companies... simply email us with the brand name and product name. We will add that product to our site... normally within 24-48 hours. We do get hundreds of requests each week and sometimes we get behind with the data entry. If the product(s) you want are from a new company... not currently listed. Just send us the name of the company and possibly a phone number or link to their site. We will check them out as time allows. We do add new brands... based on customer requests... and what makes good business sense. Some companies are harder to deal with than others. Please be sure that the brand you want... sells to the stores or health practitioners. We often get requests to add a brand that is a multi-level... or that only sells to the public. We cannot save you money on these brands... since you can purchase them at the same price we would.

How can you offer such low prices. We basically have a different philosophy than most resellers. Our goal is to save you money. For every dollar of margin we make on the products we sell... we save you the customer 2-3 dollars. Our belief is that if we treat you as the main focus of our business model... that we will have loyalty and build volume over time. We are very efficient with our operations... not greedy... and we do not stock products... which helps in many ways... with less overhead... and fresher products for you. This business model has been so successful... thanks to you... that we've had to hide what we do. Our customers love what we do... and many health practitioner or companies do not. It is our philosophy that most businesses have a model of exploitation of their customers. We do not wish to follow that philosophy. So we make less on every product we sell... and make it up with loyalty and volume. That takes more work... and more discipline. But it has proven successful... since we have been doing this for over 15 years now... and we have to be discrete. We would double sales every month... if all these brands were on the search engines. But in return for that growth... we would have many headaches to solve... and many health practitioners and companies mad at us. We are also highly motivated by the countless emails we get... with gratitude and thanks from our customers... who could not afford these products if it were not for what we do. We appreciate those emails... and all of our customers.

Do you ship to other countries. Not at this time!

Can I return products. Our return policy is clearly displayed on the home page. Since we do not stock products... each order is custom ordered for you. We do accept returns for damaged products... or if we make a mistake and ship the wrong product. We do not take responsibility for you changing your mind... or your health practitioner changing what they want you to take. If we offered such service... we would have to raise our prices... and that would not be fair to our other customers.

Is your site secure. Yes... our site is as secure as any website can be. Once you enter into your check out... with credit card information... that is regulated by our credit card processor... Authorize.net... and we have all the proper security features in place... to protect your credit card information. Authorize.net is one of the largest and most respected credit card processors for online transactions. They have to abide by all the latest requirements... for protecting your information.

What if I don't like a product I purchase... can I return it. No... you take responsibility for the products you purchase. Our return policy is listed on the home page. If you are not sure that you want a product... I suggest either getting it at the store or your health practitioner first. Then if you wish to save money on the product... please keep us in mind.

I forgot a product... can I add to my order. Yes you can always add to your order... so long as you understand that it may cause a delay in shipping... since we do not stock products. You can place a second order on the internet... and we will combine the orders and refund the second shipping charge. You can also email us at sales@greenandhealthy.com to add to your order.

I've placed my order... but the order was rejected for some AVS problem. AVS is address verification service...and is basically a fraud protection to you the card holder. It simply means that your billing information must match what is on file at your credit card bank. That means name, address, and phone number. If they are not that same as what the bank has on file... the order will be rejected. That is not us doing that to you. That is Visa/MasterCard regulations... designed to protect you.

I got a dual charge on my card. That can happen for 2 main reasons. Either you hit the submit button twice and were impatient... or you left your browser open with our site when you shut off your computer. When you turn your computer back on... we have seen that it can duplicate your order with us. We may not always catch that problem... so please let us know if you get charged twice.

I forgot my password. That happens from time to time. There is a function on the home page... just below the password box... where you can retrieve your password. Please try that before emailing us. W

How do I know that I'm getting fresh product... or the expiration date.Since we do not stock products... the chances are much higher that you will get the freshest product available. Most manufacturer's put 18-24 months on their products. We do not know the expiration date of the products until we receive them. We ship everything within 24-48 hours of receiving it. Keep in mind that expiration dates do NOT tell you when a product goes bad. It is simply a date that the manufacturer guarantees the potency. Most products will have strong potency far past the expiration date. Most manufacturers simply are following the laws... and do not test to see how long their products will last. Of course some products are time and heat sensitive... like delicate probiotics.

Are all your products at the lowest price. No not all... but 90%. Since we do not stock products... we do not try to compete for the lowest prices on these products. We are usually quite competitive... but we cannot do what some larger sites will do... with product getting old... or simply willing to sell it at a loss... so they can get your business. We specialize in higher quality products and brands... who normally do not discount at all.

Will I get tracking information. No... we do not generally supply tracking information with every package. If your order is not received in a timely manner please email us and we can review your order.

How do I get a copy of my invoice. You can print it out at the time of check out... and you will get one in the box when you receive your order.

What about shipping probiotics. Many probiotics are heat stable... and do not require ice packs. For those that need ice packs... we can either wrap them in an ice pack... and ship it USPS priority mail as normal... without a weekend in the way. Or we can use a special styrofoam box... and ice packs. That is an extra $10... and if you want expedited shipping... that can be more also. The Styrofoam box can hold 12-15 bottles of most probiotics. Keep in mind that it can be extremely challenging to get a box to your door... and have the probiotics still be cold or cool. That would require expedited shipping and dry ice to ensure. Ice packs in the summer months can only last a few days at best. So I can only encourage you to plan ahead and get probiotics before the summer hot months. If the box is too big or too valuable to ship USPS... then we will contact you about what you want to do with the probiotics. If fed ex is still only 2 days... then we will ship it that way. Sometimes Fed Ex ground is 4-5 days... so that will not be an option...unless it's in the winter months. In the summer months... you may want to consider probiotics that are NOT heat sensitive. The other thing to consider... is that many of the high end heat sensitive probiotics are very strong... and a little heat for short periods of time... will not harm them greatly. Heat may reduce the potency a little... but will not render them useless.

I want to add more products to my order... what is the best way to do that. Simply place another order on the site. We will automatically combine the orders and refund the second shipping charge when your order ships. If you don't see the product listed... send us an email with the product you want added to the site. Keep in mind... if we do not carry the brand you want... then we do not order from that company at this time.

I didn't get all the products I ordered...do you send them later... or how do I know when they are back in stock. We do not stock products... and if the product is not available from the manufacturer... we simply refund the amount to your card when we ship your order. We do NOT know when products come back in stock from manufacturers... and there is no automatic notification of that. Some of the orders will be delivered in 1 or more shipments. Your shopping cart will let you know if you will be receiving more than 1 shipment for the order you are placing.

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